by Tina Schöbel and Frank Bednarsky

Under the name 'coloRED' the 'Schauspielgruppe des Anglistischen Seminars' shows an original theatre-dance production. The play takes the visitor on a journey through different situations and states of relationships. The colored mixture of scenes, whose contents are somehow familiar to us all, lives from the alteration of different stories and feelings as well as from spoken and danced parts. The play randomly chooses one story, focuses on it for one moment and leaves it a bit later to follow a new storyline. Creating a kaleidoscope of various stories the play tells us about romantic relationships, which are not connected directly but which are somehow different sides of one and the same tale.


Alexander Bluhm - Jeremy / Cedric / Sean
Anastassia Giagkou - Susan
Annemieke Drummen - Helen /Elena /Evelyn/Madeline
Duygu Yilmaz - Heather / Samantha / Mona
Elena Heinz - Andrea / Hannah / Mia / Madeline old
Eric Herbst - Toby / Ian / William old
Jonas Wilhelm - Benjamin
Ruben Korenke - Marco / Dean / William
Sarah-Lina Mantler - Chloe / Tara
Tina Schöbel - Jenna

Directed by Tina Schöbel


by William Shakespeare

Hamlet returns to Denmark after the death of his father to find his uncle Claudius crowned king and married to Gertrude, Hamlet's mother. But a meeting with a ghost sparks an intrigue of murder and betrayal in one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies.


Jonas Hock - Hamlet
Amir Eid - Claudius
Annika Renker - Gertrude
Jeff Silence - Polonus / Gravedigger
Carina Pfau - Ophelia
Martin Zettersten - Laertes / Player King
Mike Shiels - Ghost
Marina Machauer - Horatio
Nici Menge - Rosencrantz
Jan Enss - Guildentersten
Stephanie Grynaeus - Osric / Player Queen
Alex Bluhm - A Priest / Lucianus

Directed by Antoine Verleih

Love Bites

by Ry Herman

Love Bites is a set of three one act plays about love and heartbreak by American plawright Ry Herman, performed in English. In Dead Cat, a man, his ex-wife, and their various lovers try to hold a Viking funeral for a beloved pet. You Know This is F*cked Up, Right? follows a relationship that moves from a business transaction to friendship to obsession. And Vamp is a vinyl-clad supernatural girl-meets-girl romantic comedy about monsters, meteors, and imaginary roommates. 


Dead Cat

Laurence Williams - Guy
Nawel Aït-Sassi - Andrea
Marcel Vaslin - Fred
Isabella Freilinger - Becca
Vanessa Bomert - Jane

You Know This is F*cked Up, Right?

Annemieke Drummen - Woman (Ellen)
Laurence Williams - Man


Vanessa Bomert - Chloë
Isabella Freilinger - Angela
Nawel Aït-Sassi - Spunky Old Gal
Marcel Vaslin - Jesus

Directed by Ry Herman

As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

An all male cast production of Shakespeare's pastoral comedy.


Oliver Thomas - Rosalind
Jakob Möritz - Celia
David Hock - Orlando
Laurence Williams - Oliver
Lenny Keding - Duke Frederick
Christian Schneider - Duke Senior
Jan Enss - Touchstone
Denis Schröder - Jaques
Michael Pleyer - Adam / Jaques de Boys
Jonas Hock - Charles / Audrey
David Heuberg - Amiens / Attendant
Owen Atkinson - Sir Martext / Corin

Directed by Tina Hüther

Rabbit Hole

by David Lindsay-Abaire

My sister is crazy, my mother is a nag,
my husband doesn't know me and my son is dead.

Life is not a walk in the park for Becca and her family after the death
of her 4-year-old son. But there is still room for laughter and
compassion as everybody struggles to find a way to move on.


Vanessa Bomert - Becca
Jeff Silence - Howie
Alix Christen - Izzy
Cordula Eicher - Nat
Gregor Hollender - Jason

Directed by Amir Eid