Seven Interviews

by Mark Dunn

A handshake. Two people meeting for the first time. How do various encounters transform our actions? Be ready for a colorful collection of characters, including a business man with unusual nightmares, a hungry cleaning lady, and a journalist who’s in for a surprise.


Niels Alberts
Annemieke Drummen
Colin Hammerton
Annika Hoffmann
Michael Lenahan
Valeria Pettorino

Directed by Annemieke Drummen

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare

 ‘Et tu, Brute?’

One of the most well-known lines in history is often all that people recall about the infamous Roman statesman Julius Caesar. But what led to this iconic death? Shakespeare illuminates the psychology behind the deeds of the famous conspirators, and brings to life a conflict that has fascinated people through the ages.

This modern adaptation leaves behind the battlefields of southern Italy, and instead focusses on the timeless power relationships between people trapped in the microcosm of youth, and the painful awakening to a reality of violence and its consequences.


Lukas Gutzweiler - Marcus Brutus
Svenja Latzel - Caius Cassius
Max Cannings - Mark Antony
Matthew Niebes - Julius Caesar
Emil Gejrot - Caska
Hazem Toutounji - Metellus Cimber / Cicero
Smaranda Bârsan - Portia / Cinna / Carpenter
Gabi Köhler - Decius Brutus
Petra Schwab - Lucius / Soothsayer / Cinna the Poet
Verena Turco - Calphurnia / Octavius
Michael Dunn - Cobbler / Artemidorus
Sarah Süß - Student
Jonas Hock - Student
Janina Wackenreuter - Student
Johannes Süß - Student
Sinem Eroglu - Student
Maximilian Kleist - Pompey / Messenger


Directed by Julia Klein

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

Years ago, Prospero, the Duke of Milan, has been banished to a remote island by his usurping sister. With the help of magic, he summons a mighty storm that shipwrecks his sister and her companions on the island - finally the time for his revenge seems to have come! But at the same time, his slave, Caliban, is planning to murder Prospero and take back control of the island. In the year of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death the Schauspielgruppe celebrates the playwright with a production of his final play.


Jeff Silence - Prospero
Paul Liedvogel - Ariel
Eric Figula - Calaban
Elisabeth Fontius - Miranda
Felix Kittinger - Ferdinand
Josie Kerstan - Antonia
Thomas Nießer - Sebastian
Senim Eroglou - Alessandra
Janina Wackenreuter - Stephanie
Oliver Plaschka - Trinculo
Katrin Lang - Gloriana
Judith Notbohm - Francesca

Directed by Jonas Hock


by Lewis Wood

Victor Stone has to prove himself. After crashing the stock market, the computer sciences student sets out to accomplish what has never been attempted before: the creation of artificial intelligence. Suffering of OCD and depression, Victor has to rely on his friends Henry and Elizabeth. But what starts out as a challenge to himself could potentially destroy more than just his work.


Based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written in 1816, this mind-blowing new adaptation merges an old fantasy with very real problems.


Maximilian Kleist
Dennis Massmann
Niels Alberts
Lea Deinhardt
Tim Williams
Elisabeth Güttes

Directed by Franziska Kirchholtes

Music by Hanna Green