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The Father (by Florian Zeller) tells the story of a father-daughter relationship, put under strain by the increasing dementia of the father. The story is told from the perspective of the father, André, and allows the audience to see the world through his perspective - with all the disjunctures, confusion and distress that dementia causes. 

The production is co-directed by Dennis Massmann and Timothy Williams (previously 'Twelve Angry Men') and integrates this modern dramatic farce with elements of physical theatre to transport the audience into the mind of André. While the play is mildly disturbing, it is an important


by Florian Zeller

fri. 25 January - Premiere
sat. 26 January
sun. 27 JANUARY
tues. 29 january
weds. 30 january
thurs. 31 january
fri. 1 February - Final Performance

Theater im Romanischen Keller, Heidelberg

Who doesn't know the frustration of hearing a certain beeping, and not knowing where it's coming from? Sometimes it's not just one annoying alarm, but also an unstoppable buzzing and an impatient phone call at the same time. Not to mention friends who simply do not leave your house... Or your suitcase leading to gunshots in your hotel room. This collection of hilarious scenes illustrates that with or without electronic devices, human communication may fail in many ways.

Alarms and Excursions

by Michael Frayn

sat. 16 March - Premiere
sun. 17 march
wed. 20 march
fri. 22 march
sat. 23 march - Final Performance

Theater im Romanischen Keller, Heidelberg