Hot Shorts - Short Play Festival 2016

With guests from the Unesco Cities of Literatre Norwich, Dublin, Iowa and Dunedin (NZ) 

Supported by the City of Heidelberg


2 July, 2016 - Festival Opening. Starting at 10:30
3 July, 2016 - Group 1 20:00
4 July, 2016 - Group 1 20:00
5 July, 2016 - Group 2 20:00
6 July, 2016 - Group 3 20:00
7 July, 2016 - Group 4 20:00
8 July, 2016 - Group 2 20:00
9 July 2016 - Group 4 16:00  
                     Group 3 20:00


7€ for 1 Group
10€ for 2 Groups
18€ for all 4 Groups




"We Eat Meat" by Alex David

A profound and heartbreaking exploration into what happens when you reveal your true flawed self to another, only to be utterly rejected far worse than in your darkest imaginings. ...But, like, with cannibals.
Directed by Alex David / performed by Laurence Williams & Sarah Süss

"The Jump" by Ann-Kathrin Mannherz

You're from Australia! Do you ride kangaroos? Nah mate, cool kids ride emus! - How far would you go to experience a real OZZIE adventure? Directed by Ann-Kathrin Mannherz / performed by Lea Deinhardt & Moritz Spielberger

"What a Mother!" by Anuschka Kopp

Caring and loving, that’s how Ms Morgan appears as a mother. While always worried about her daughter, she goes to a meeting that shows what kind of mother she really is. Directed by Thilo Hatscher / performed by Sabine Jäck & Janina Arndt

"Pork Pies" by Charlotte Caspers

Parents usually tell their children not to talk to strangers and not to take sweets from them. Surely, that doesn’t count for old sweet ladies. Directed by Charlotte Caspers / performed by Ayse Eser, Johanna Engelbrecht & Laurence Williams

"Coathanger Dialogues" by Franziska Kirchholtes

Max is completely hooked. His relationship with Laura turns out to be very time consuming, much to the dismay of Laura's flatmate Amy. Directed by Lukas Lau / performed by Andrea Greupner & Mo Armin

"Dance Fever" by Giulia Zipps

Jimmy and Sarah are a young couple – and they could not be more different. Trying to distance themselves from their parents turns out to be a very challenging task, especially for one of them. How could dancing help them to get over their parentally influenced behaviour patterns? Directed by Lukas Lau / Performed by Andrea Greupner & Jannik Buhr

"Life's Crossroads" by Ithana Schnapp

What would your teenage self think about the choices you made later in life? What would you tell your younger self if you could? And what, seriously, is wrong with paper tissues? Directed by Antoine Verleih / performed by Johanna Engelbrecht & Sarah Süss

"The Department of Abaddon" by Jeff Silence

"Now serving customer number 1,887,691,019. We apologize for the delay." Directed by Jeff Silence / performed by Laurence Williams, Luis Friedrich, Vanessa Bomert

"Stew" by Katrin Pfändler

Food can bring people together but it might just as well separate them. Particularly, if ingredients are used that some people would rather not eat… A play on food and politics, and how it all comes back to communication. Directed by Katrin Pfändler / performed by Hannah Puschnig, Lila Miran, Ranja Armbruster & Saher Maqsood

"The Last Tape" by Kirsten Hertel

Jacky and Jack have had a long life together, and they enjoy looking back on the good times they’ve had. But is human memory reliable? A play about love, marriage, regrets and memory. Directed by Kirsten Hertel / performed by Nawel Herbrechter & Michael Shiels

"Ella" by Laura Hopp

A private funeral. They lay their loved one to rest, bury what’s past – and dig up feelings long forgotten. Directed by Maximilian Kleist / performed by David Winter & Esther Megbel

"Cooper & Jones" by Martin Weiffenbach

Jones and Cooper work together, and like many co-workers, they spend time together after work typically in one of the local parks. However, their job requires a certain kind of detachment from each other, from clients and, to a degree, from their own sense of morality. Now, Jones must decide if this job is worth the friendship she values so dearly. Directed by Matthew Niebes / performed by Petra Schwab, Sinem Eroglu & Verena Turco

"A Glance Behind the Façade" by Melanie Leyrer

Everyday encounters can be a real routine. We meet, greet, and talk to dozens of people without even thinking about it. More often than not, these encounters leave you with nothing but a quick judgement about the person you have met. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you glanced behind the façade? Be curious! What you perceived could turn out to be something completely different. Directed by Annemieke Drummen / performed by Apoorva Lakshminarayana & Markus Lotzenburger

"Plane Talk" by Pia Schlotthauer

Imagine you are on a plane and really looking forward to reading this exciting new book you have just purchased. But then there is this guy who just cannot keep his mouth shut... Directed by Isabelle Illig & Simone Hebel / performed by Jannik Buhr & Johanna Engelbrecht

"Awakening" by Selin Beyhan

She has been sleeping for years, a restless but a deep sleep. Now she has to wake up into the glowing light of reality. Everything is crystal clear now more than ever. Directed by Selin Beyhan / performed by Amelie Morweiser, Anouchka Melikova & Luis Friedrich



"The Forgotten One" by Jacinta Sheerin

It's 1921 and the British are still ruling in Ireland. Patrick Moran, an Irish republican rebel is accused of murdering a British lieutenant of high ranking. Patrick along with his witnesses can prove his innocence, but will he be listened to? If not, he'll be sentenced to hang on his thirty third birthday. Or will he'll be saved in the nick of time? >Directed by Jeff Silence / performed by Laurence Williams, Luis Friedrich, Josie Kerstan

"Good Fiona, Bad Fiona" by Tracy Martin

The inner working of the human mind is a fascinating and complex world. Thousands of years of evolution have pushed the human race to this present pinnacle of existence. Meet Fiona, a prime example of someone being the best she can be. Directed by Laura Hopp / performed by Laura Hopp & Pia Seebacher

"A Workman's Tools" by Shane O'Reilly

When you’re pushed to the limits and your life is turned upside down how far will you go to get justice? A Workman’s Tools is an interrogation of the people on either side of the law. This small play attempts to investigate who the law serves and who it leaves behind. When everything is at stake, it’s hard to follow the rules and trust in the authorities. How easily a nose is broken, and how quickly the law is broken in that same moment. Directed by Simone Hebel / performed by Eric Herbst, Inna Pech, Jonas Hock & Paul Scala

Iowa City

"The Coyote Stratagem" by Lupe Flores

The play explores the end of a relationship in one form, and how love transforms it into acceptance without bitterness. The characters use their past to determine what their future will be. Directed by Lea Deinhardt / performed by Moritz Spielberger & Viola von Boehn

"Terrible Light" by Sam Collier

Two escaped soldiers take refuge in an abandoned building and try to plan their next steps. Their balance of power shifts and reshifts as they struggle to make sense of their past, their relationship, and their options. Directed by Franziska Kirchholtes / performed by Dennis Massmann & Hanna Green

"Socialpaths" by Alysha Oravetz

Rita is a sociopath, or so her therapist says. She claims she's autistic. Will learning every minute detail about her therapist's family prove her right? Directed by Antoine Verleih / performed by Jonas Hock & Josie Kerstan


"Goggles" by Josie Dale-Jones and Gemma Barnett

As an attempt to make it up to their dead pet fish, Josie and Gemma have made a show for them. Goggles is about the fish and the friends, and how they can keep each other afloat. As they make the show they begin to understand the importance of relationships - the relationship between their two fish and their own... Directed & performed by Josie Dale-Jones & Gemma Barnett


"Close Stranger" by Kiri Bell

Its been over thirty years since they were last together… in fact it’s the first time they’ve properly met. A Theatre of the Real (verbatim) one-woman play of a once in a lifetime event. Directed and performed by Kiri Bell / musician: Pete Stewart