by Neil Labute

The automobile is certainly one of the most confined spaces available and thus a place for arguments, shelter and startling couplings. Autobahn, Neil LaBute's collection of one-act plays set within the spatial limitations of the car, hence offers an interesting insight into relationships and their sometimes awry foundations. From a make-out session taking an unexpected turn to a kidnapping disguised as a road trip and a daughter’s anxious ride home after her release from rehab, be sure to be surprised. This montage of scenes reveals the force of words – both said and unsaid! Much like a good short story, worlds and characters in full are conjured up, letting you know enough about them that you have a good idea (often an unsettling one) of what happens to them once the play ends. An often funny, yet also twisted tableau, Autobahn celebrates theatre in a thrilling form.



Almuth Schäfer & Ute Grosskopf


Simone Falk & Eric Herbst

Road Trip:

Ute Grosskopf & Johannes Süss


Natascha Haas & Johannes Süss

Bench Seat:

Jenny Laube & Julian Schlichter

Directed  by Claudia Falk, Simone Falk, Ute Grosskopf

Witness for the Prosecution

by Agatha Christie

Sir Wilfried Robats, a master barrister, takes Leonard Vole on as a client.

Vole is accused of murdering Mrs. French, a rich older woman who had become enamored of him, going so far as to make him the main beneficiary of her will.

Strong circumstantial evidence all points to Vole as the killer.

When Sir Wilfrid speaks with Vole’s German wife, Romaine, he finds her rather cold and self-possessed, but she does provide an alibi.

Therefore, he is greatly surprised when she is called as a witness for the prosecution…

Will Sir Wilfrid succeed to prevent a death sentence for Leonard?


Jeff Silence - Sir Wilfrid Robarts
Stephanie Grynaeus - Romaine Vole
Steven Jones - Leonard Vole
Carina Pfau - Mrs. Mayhew
Gaugau Zhang - Mrs. Myers
Sam Doerken - Carter / Inspector Herne
Elena Gultschenko - Greta / Dr. Wyatt
Sina Dresp - Janet Mackenzie / Woman
Helene Biallas - Justice Wainwright

Directed by Paula Hovy-Neddermeyer

The Wild Party

by Joseph Moncure March

America in the Thirties: an age of bootlegging, prostitution and corruption.  A time when the answers to most questions could be found at the bottom of a bottle, relationships were bought and sold, and differences of opinion were usually settled in bloodshed.  Queenie and Burrs, a starlet dancer and her lover, a disgruntled clown, decide to throw a party at their seedy apartment.  As the evening progresses we get to know the various lowlifes in attendance.  Romance, too, enters the scene, but when everyone has their own itch to scratch, even love has its consequences… 


Amir Eid - Narrator
Sarah Belusa - Queenie
Matt Fentem - Burrs
Volker Wilk - Mr. Black
Yeshe Pfeifer - Kate
Nadja Seitz - Madeleine True
Marina Machauer - Dolores
Antoine Verleih - Jackie
Alex Bluhm - Eddie
Alena Dörfler - Mae
Hannah Frieben - Jill
Michl Heger - Oscar

Directed by Johannes Süss