Comic Potential

by Alan Ayckbourn

Jacie is different. Jacie has potential - comic potential. But what good will it do her, an android in love with a hapless screenwriter on the verge of getting dismantled for the very quality that makers her so special?


Ann-Marie Keane - Jacie Tripplethree
Martin Zettersten - Adam Trainsmith
Jeff Silence - Chandler "Chance" Tate
Stefanie Grynaeus - Carla Pepperbloom
Laura Wüsten - Prim Spring
Alix Christen - Trudy Floote
Jonas Hock - Lester Trainsmith / Technician
Flannery Ryan - Mother / Farmer's Wife / Dancer 1 / Saleswoman / Prostitute / Police Officer 1
Jan Enss - Doctor / Farmer / Desk Clerk / Waiter /  Turkey
Sina Dresp - Daughter / Marvin Cedilla / Woman / Dancer 2 / Police Officer 2

Directed by Amir Eid

Hot Sho(r)ts

Short Play Festival

Twenty three original and adapted plays written and performed by students of the Anglistischen Seminar.

The plays were performed as a part of the jubilee festival celebrating the 625th anniversary of the university.

All twenty-three plays were performed on the 25th June, 2011 with subsequent performances throughout the following week. The plays were split into four groups ranging from comedies to dramas to fantasies.

Group 1

Not Amused - Comedy/Farce
Characters and Cast:
The Muse - Denis Schröder
 Monika Hartenauer
Director: Tina Hüther


Actually Quite Normal - Tragicomedy
Dan - Martin Zettersten 
Sue - Carina Pfau 
Dr. Flick - Ivana Banovic
Director and Author: Anne Fichtelmann


Rope-A-Dope – Drama
Alix Christen
Michael Heger
Jonas Hock
Director: Oliver Thomas
Author: Nicolas Bachofner


Realities - "A sort of funny" tragedy 
She 1 - Barbara Krzoska
He 1 -   Max Diehm
She 2 - Caroline Gaunt
He 2 -   Johannes Suess
Author and Director: Nadja Seitz


A Friend - Drama
Mark - Thomas Kirchner 
Sarah  - Sarah Ulrich 
Anne - Katrin Pfändler 
Ralph - Jan Enss 
Author and Director: Petra Schwab 


A Horse and Two Goats - A Postcolonial Short Story
The American - Ann-Marie Keane 
Muni - Sarah Belusa 
Director:  Simone Falk
Author: Original short story written by R.K. Narayan (Copyright (c) 1965 by R. K. Narayan); first published in The New Yorker.  It has been adapted for the stage by Elise Kranepuhl with the approval of the Estate of R. K. Narayan.
Adapted by: Elise Kranenpuhl

Group 2

There’s Someone in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella - Satire
Lea Herfs
Saskia Lindemann
Director: Annemieke Drummen 

Author: Fernando Sorrentino (original title: "There’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella", 1972)
Adapted for the stage by: Lea Herfs


Happily Ever After - Drama
Ashley - Carina Pfau
Phillip - Jörg Wiedmaier
Author and Director:Katrin Güthlein


(Not) Allowed-to-Know - Tragic comedy
Bile Hood - Amir Eid
Allan Lesny –Alexander Bluhm
Paula Hood-McPool - Steffanie Grynaeus
Mrs Acsalaw - Caroline Caunt
Sweeny - Christian Soeder
Woman one - Anne Fichtelmann
Woman two - Katrin Güthlein
Author and Director: Sylvia Mieskes 


Ménage à trois - Drama
Sarah - Katharina Soherr
Martina - Stefanie Duemig
Olivia - Nicole Menge
Author: Elke Zenker
Director :Andre-Claude Clapson with the participation of Jeff Silence


Family affairs - Drama
Mother - Katharina Soherr
Sarah - Stefanie Duemig
Diana - Sara Dawood
Selina - Nicole Menge
Author: Sara Dawood
Director: Andre-Claude Clapson with the participation of Jeff Silence


Rendevous - Comedy
Jean-Pierre - Amir Eid
Flora - Simone Falk
Susan - Sarah Belusa
Waiter - Amir Mohsenpour
Director: Almuth Schäfer
Author: Katharina Happes

Group 3

Wake up! - Comedy
Gregor Hollender
Cila Brosius
Thomas Kirchner
Max Diehm
Author and Director: Michael Stötter


Frankenstein Lives! - A dramatic discussion about science
Prof. F. Victorious, a modern scientist - Mike Shiels
Mary, a middle-aged writer - Kirsten Hertel
Director: Johannes Süss
Author: Kirsten Hertel


--no longer available--
Jonas Hock
Nadja Seitz
Nadja Bechtold
Author and Director: Antonija Cavcic


The Editor - Comedy 
Mr White - Jeff Silence 
Mrs Schwartz - Liridone Nikqi
Frau Heger - Caroline Gaunt 
Ms Stone - Almuth Schäfer
Author: Amanda Emanuel Smith
Director: Antoine Verleih


The Therapeutic Hour -Drama
Ken - Jonas Hock
Jane - Nadja Seitz
Author: Steven Bloom
Director: Antoine Verleih

Group 4

The Delivery - Virtual satire
Mr. Moore – Gabriel Nonnenmacher
Robin – Gregor Hollender
Amazon Deliverer – Lisa Bertz
Pizza Deliverer – Antoni Rucinski
Author and Director: Antonija Cavcic


Subconscious Awareness - Drama
Jason Smith - Martin Zettersten 
Black Guy - Ingo Reinhard 
Therapist - Stephanie Grynaeus
Student 1 - Gaugau Zhang 
Student 2 - Elena Gultschenko 
Student 3 - Johanna Roller 
Author and Director: Duygu Yilmaz


Deliverance - Satire/black comedy
Immigrants - Wilfried Domainko, William Ledbetter, Shubei Wang, Lisa Bertz, Antoni Rucinski
Officers 1,2,3 – Sarah Ulrich, Alix Christen, Alice Williams
Death – Jörg Wiedmaier
Author and Director: Antonija Cavcic

Michael, Out of Shape - Satire
Unity - Marina Machauer
Michael - Michael Heger
Director and Author: Jörg Wiedmaier

Crime without Victim - Victim without Crime - A drama of conflicting legal and moral interests
Police Sergeant - Johannes Süss 
Police Officer - Jakob Möritz 
Driver -  Désirée Link
Guy - Martin  Zettersten
Director: Sarah Belusa 

Author: Dominique Ehrler


Aloona - Fantasy
Liz - Ellena Heinz 
Abo - Jan Enss 
Mehoona - Anne Fichtelmann 
Vivi - Lisa Maria Voigt 
Director and Author: Lea Herfs


by Patrick Marber

This play is one of the most accurate and precise analyses of the modern world, of relationships and mostly of people, who cannot see their luck, who fail to pay attention to each other. Maybe it’s the modern times that create the illusion that everyone deserves everything one desires. That’s why the people, in this case portrayed by the characters, are unable to be happy with what they’ve got. Even the title contains the illusion of being close to the allegedly beloved, and as a consequence the characters fail to really getting to know each other.


Philipp Eisinger - Dan
Alexandra Oks - Alice
Vanessa Bomert - Anna
Matthias Haldimann - Larry

Directed by Dmitrij Laaber

Two Girls and a Guy

by James Toback

(Based on his screenplay)

Blake is your average guy: a struggling actor convinced of his own talent and irresistible charm, living in New York City in a posh loft he inherited. When not auditioning, he splits his time and energies between two lovely ladies: the cool and sophisticated Carla, and the hot-blooded Lou. It's the perfect ménage à trois, with only the slight hitch that neither Carla nor Lou ever knew about the "other woman." But that's about to change...


Felix Rieckmann - Blake
Ute Großkopff - Lou
Annemieke Drummen - Carla

Directed by Simone Falk and Matt Fentem