12 Angry Men

by reginald rose

A young man is accused of having killed his father, the evidence points in this direction, the witnesses corroborate the story against him. His fate rests in the hand of a jury - twelve men and women to decide if he should be executed. Eleven jurors are certain he is the murderer, but for one some questions remain open. This Anglistische Seminar performance approaches a modern classic from a fresh perspective, drawing the audience into the moral conundrum.

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Arsenic and Old Lace

By Joseph Kesselring

Dramatic critic Mortimer Brewster has it all: a well-paying job, a beautiful girlfriend, a brother who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt, and two lovable aunts, the kindest women in all of Brooklyn. If only it wasn't for one fateful night that reveals not only the ladies' passion for poisonous elderberry wine, but also another Brewster brother who has the face of a serial killer (and might just be one)... can Mortimer find a way to get everything back to normal - and retain his own sanity in the process?


Janina Wackenreuter - Abby Brewster
Katrin Lang  - Martha Brewster
Nicholas Joseph - Mortimer Brewster
Max Cannings - Jonathan Brewster
Maximilian Kleist - Teddy Brewster
Johanna Engelbrecht - Dr. Einstein
Sophie Ziegler - Elaine Harper
Verena Campos Santos - Officer Brophy
Sam Goodchild - Officer Klein
Julia Klein - Officer O’Hara
Sinem Eroglu - Lieutenant Rooney
Dennis Massmann - Dr. Harper / Mr. Witherspoon
Dominik Sticher - Mr. Gibbs

Directed by Laura Ebinger

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Black comedy

by peter shaffer


Tim Williams Brindsley Miller
Elisabeth Güttes - Carol Melkett
Magali Deschamps - Miss Fournier
Colin Hammerton - Colonel Melkett
Markus Lotzenburger - Harold Gorringe
Michael Lenahan - Schuppanzigh
Julia Weitschat - Clea
Klaus Kirchner - Georg Bamberger

Directed by Annemieke Drummen


The Project


by Jeff Silence

We all know life sucks; so why sit through a story telling us something we already know? 

The plot? What plot? You mean this collection of non-starters, accidents, and unintended occasional burst of happiness? Sure, I guess. Kind of uninteresting, don’t you think?

A comedy about moving forward in life… or at least trying to write about it. 


Vanessa Bomert - Jessica
Luis Friedrich - Stan
Roxane Gültlinger - Ashley
Jeff Silence - The Narrator
Johannes Süss - Bill
Sarah Süss - Carrie
Louisa Henzeschulz - Erin
Laurence Williams - Richard

Directed by Jeff Silence