by David Auburn

Catherine, a gifted mathematics student, took care of her genius mathematician father Robert during his mental illness. After his death she is left alone in his old house filled with bookshelves of his insane ramblings, but in one notebook one of her father's ex-students discovers a potentially ground-breaking proof.
Proof is a play about maths and insanity.


Roxane Gültlinger - Catherine
Alex Bluhm - Hal
Elena Heinz - Claire
Jeff Silence - Robert

Directed by Antoine Verleih

My First Time

by Ken Davenport

No matter if it was horrible or sensational. We are sure you remember your First Time.
Was it at the local wave park, a cabin in the woods or in the basement of your parents' house? Well planned or just something to get over with?
Maybe you were just disappointed because he "didn't take of his socks". Or maybe you are still waiting for that special woman - even though you are already 34 years old.

Ken Davenport’s witty, funny as well as shocking and heartbreaking play examines all those different perspectives - and many more. The stories are written by people just like you and we promise: You will go home reminiscing and laughing about your own First Time – or planning your Next.
The best part? The audience is going to be able to bring in their own stories about their very First Time. But don’t you worry – we are not going to lure you on stage. Just stay seated and enjoy the show.


Nicola Schomburg - Woman 1
Luis Friedrich - Man 1
Vanessa Bomert - Woman 2
Mo Armin - Man 2

Directed by Matthias Haldimann

Campus Rose

by Amanda Emanuel Smith and Kirsten Hertel

Aren't we all human? Even those in the 'ivory tower' of higher education? What makes the PhD student Robyn so unhappy in her job as professor's assistant? Who keeps putting roses in Dr. Bopp's pigeonhole? And what is Prof. Manesser's secret? 

Campus Rose takes a humorous and satirical look behind the scenes of the university environment with all its human strengths and frailties.


Annemieke Drummen - Robyn
Niall Deacon - Justin
Jeff Silence - Randy Bopp
Vanessa Bomert - Prof. Lilith Mannesser
Helen Gienger - Scarlet
Dominik Sticher - Michael
Antoine Verleih - Man 1
Alex Bluhm - Man 2

Directed by Kirsten Hertel

An Ideal Husband

by Oscar Wilde

Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful, rising politician, with a flawless reputation and a wife who adores him. But when the conniving Mrs. Chevely enters his life, all this is threatened. Can Chiltern's best friend, Lord Arthur Goring help? Or will he be too busy choosing an outfit for afternoon tea whilst avoiding his father?


Laurence Williams - Sir Robert Chiltern
Sophie Ziegler - Gertrude Chiltern
Julia Klein - Mabel Chiltern
Max Cannings - Lord Arthur Gorin
Laura Ebinger - Mrs. Laura Cheveley
Jonas Placzek - Lord Caversham
Janina Wackenreuter - Lady Markby
Nadja Seitz - Lady Basildon / Phipps
Oliver Plaschka - Vicomte de Nanjac

Directed by Jonas Hock


By Alan Ayckbourn

Rosie has had no job, no relationship, and no sex for quite a while. Suddenly fortune seems to be on her side again when she meets her attractive neighbour, Sam. But when Rosie tells him a simple little lie, things rapidly start spinning out of control.

FlatSpin is a hilarious comedy by Alan Ayckbourn about wrong decisions, big consequences, and how to make gnocchi.



Susanne Bomans - Rosie
Luis Friedrich - Tommy
Matthias Haldimann - Maurice
Sophie Ziegler - Tracy
Thorsten Schulze - Sam
Petra Schwab - Annette
Laurence Williams - Edward


Directed by Annemieke Drummen and Caro Haas